Julie Rada in a murder one less, at the Boulder Fringe Festival and BINDERY | space, 2009.

#53: Julie Rada

A political thinker wrapped up in a creative skin, Julie Rada infiltrated Denver’s experimental-theater scene years ago. She worked with the long-gone Lida Project, collaborated with Lida artistic director Brian Freeland as Countdown to Zero, and created countless original and innovative works with her own companies. On the side, Rada facilitates performances in prisons, offering the incarcerated a chance at redemptive creativity. The versatile actor and director left for a while and returned in 2016, picking up where she left off by regrouping with Denver colleagues Miriam Suzanne and Kenny Storms to form Grapefruit Lab, a new company that will premiere its first play, JANE/EYRE, later this month. Rada’s a doer, and her action-oriented spirit comes across loud and clear in her answers to the 100CC questionnaire, which follows.

Julie Rada in SparrowSong, at Arizona State University’s Binary Theatre, 2013.
Julie Rada in RID at UMOCA (Utah Museum of Contemporary Art), 2015.

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